SterilightUVC 300


1200 sq ft in 12 minutes

The Sterilight 300 is a smaller more affordable option, with 300 watts of Power, it can be moved to various spots of your business, it can sterilize an area of 1200 sq ft in 12 minutes!

RENT TO OWN option also available for UVC Disinfection Towers: SterilightUVC 150 and 300.

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A simple solution for your business.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the worldwide demand for high quality UVC equipment has significantly increased. Many of the products we provide are available and in stock. However, some of our units must be special ordered for your unique needs. The wait time is approximately 4-6 weeks.

Interested in placing your order and getting on our wait list? Contact our Head Office TODAY to speak with one our representatives.  We look forward to serving you and providing the best solution for your business as quickly as possible.